Improve Customers Buying Experience

CartyLabs is on a mission to improve the buyer's journey and make shoppers engaged. We strives to build the next-generation engagement platform that will help merchant optimize their sales funnel, reduce acquisition costs, and increase revenue.

Our Story

After several years of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we relocated to Atlanta, where we found our home. It is during Covid that we got the inspiration to start Cartylabs in August 2020 out of our studio in Atlanta, GA.
We spent weeks talking to online store owners, trying to understand why some stores are converting while others don't. According to our findings, when a shopper navigates to a product page, they end up scrolling through long listings. This can be annoying, especially when the store's add to cart button is right at the top. All the interactions that take the user to the checkout page require the user to now scroll all the way up. Unfortunately, most of the time, they end up abandoning the site and leave the product page, which actually happens a lot - based on our data, this is a whopping 65%. This means that every extra second the user spends on the store is money lost. It doesn't take much time to change their mind and abandon the cart.
Founded under the belief of simplifying the buyer's journey, We want to change how shoppers buy online. We believe our merchants should get an easy-to-use dashboard to create rich shop experiences in their stores. We give the tech and tools, you focus on running your online store and sales.

Our Team

team member
* Our trip to Nevada ( 2020)
Rita has 6 years of experience as a Product Manager for the SaaS and E-commerce based startup for the last couple of years. She loves designing and building products. She graduated MS in Economics and Business from University Siegen, Germany, 2015.
Murali has 10 years of experience as Full Stack Developer working in the Bay Area. He loves keeping himself up-to-date with the latest front-end technologies and build backends that scale with it. He graduated MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, 2013.